Silvio Voltazza registratore intervistaYesterday's one was a significant morning in Pintor street (Parma), where we went to feel the moods, mostly made of pessimism and uncertainty, of the citizens of Parma, in view of the next local elections, on June 11th. It's a nice hot morning, and we placed in the sidewalk, far away from the propagandistic counters, hoping to get few words from who comes and who goes in thee street. Very few people want to answer us; some, hearing our questions, lenghten their stride keeping their head down, others mumble a barely audible "I do not care" and quicken toward their destinations. It's understandable, the subject is not the easiest to talk about, but in any case, some responses have come. And the first is that we can feel some alienation from urban politics: about half of the intercepted people have expressed disappointment, anger and distrust towards the parties and their candidates, and the adjectives used for those who aim to direct the city were various, the most polite of which was "chatty"; certainly one morning in Pintor street is not much to make predictions about the turnout that there will be in June, but the feeling is that many people will stay at home and waive the right to vote.
In the mind of those who surely will get to the voting stations, confusion and uncertainty reign: in event of a ballot, center-right and center-left seem to split the electorate equally (at least according to what we perceived), but most of the citizens seemed very, very doubtful: a very puzzled lady confesses that "I will vote for sure, but I really do not know for who, nobody convinces me", and many others are on the same line, arguing that "this year it's really hard"," I do not know who to choose, I was uncertain between Pizzarotti and Scarpa, maybe none of them".
One declaration was sginificant indeed: "I'm very uncertain. In the event of a ballot between center-right and center-left? It depends on who are the candidates, I do not look at the party but at the person". Significant, because a kind of mistrust toward the candidates is palpable: there are not any reference points, and the candidates seem to have no familiarity with their voters, for who they still are relatively unknown. The proof is that, to a direct question ("Who are you voting for?") there have been almost no direct answers. The most popular parties seem to be Movimento 5 stelle, PD and Fratelli d'Italia, but only on two occasions someone said a name, the ones of Emanuele Bacchieri (candidate for Casa Pound) and Federico Pizzarotti (Effetto Parma).
In short, with less than a month still to go, Parma looks like a city of confused and disoriented people, who seem to be increasingly distant from those who aim to be a guide and a reference point for their citizens. These, at least, are the moods we collected this morning, but our inquiry continues and will continue until June 11th, to find out what's in the mind of the voters and to listen to their ideas, their hopes, their anxieties, and their worries. Because participating is important, also with just a simple opinion.

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