Parma 1913 vs BellariaLast challenge at home of this Serie D for Parma Calcio 1913: after the mathematical promotion, the crociati today face a team in big troubles, the Bellaria second last, looking desperately for salvation points. The ducali have been unbeaten since the beginning of the championship, and today will have to beat a formation that now has little to lose. Apolloni chooses the 4-2-3-1: for the defense the only news comes from Ricci, who will replace Agrifogli; in the midfield usual couple Corapi-Miglietta is untouchable, while for the attack Baraye the top scorer is back, starting from the first minute, and will be supported by the trio Lauria-Melandri-Mazzocchi. 3-5-2 instead for Bellaria, that despite several changes in the formation will have all its players available, in a desperate attempt to stop the "invincible" of Parma.

THE MATCH - Mr. Miele whistles, and after a few minutes Parma is already ahead: Fabio Lauria surprises the opposite defense, that forgets about Daniele Melandri on a free kick, who face to face with Calderoni scores for the 1-0. Nightmare start for Bellaria, forced to try something more to tie: and the reaction comes, but the host formation can’t manage to be dangerous, never finding the right play to equalize. And after 15 minutes of unsuccesful attempts, here’s the second goal of Parma: after the winning assist for Melandri, Lauria can exult for the personal goal, coming in a gallop on the cross from the left of Baraye, beating for the second time Calderoni. It seems really difficult now for Bellaria, also because Parma continues to attack, always dangerously: Baraye, after the piece of skill on the second goal, continue sto spread panic in the midfield, while Mazzocchi and Messina do the same on the right. The first half ends without other goals, with a Bellaria already on the ropes against Parma: firstly Lucarelli on a corner kick, then Mazzocchi on a counterattack go close to the third goal with no luck, but for the first 45 minutes Apolloni can be satisfied. In the second half Parma starts strongly, collecting corner kicks in series, controlling the match. Bellaria seems to have already surrendered to the overwhelming power of the crociati: the host formation tries on 50 minutes with Petrarca, who trie sto beat Zommers on Merito’s assist, but it is useless, because the referee stops for offside position. For the rest is a monologue, of Parma, and the third network is just a matter of time. The appetizer is served by Mazzocchi, who miss the target two steps from the goal, while the feast comes on 70 minutes with the two newly entered, Guazzo and Sereni (respectively for Melandri and Mazzocchi): excellent ball from the first one to his team mate, that face to face with the goalkeeper doesn’t fail. 3-0 therefore and game in safe for the Ducali; Bellaria its part, does not know what else to do: a couple of unrealistic attempts from Suriano and D'Angelo do not seem to worry Zommers, who thus keeps his goal inviolate without major worries. There are no other big emotions, and the whistle of Mr. Miele marks the end of hostilities: still a win for Parma, which overwhelms theguests with a resounding 3-0.
Nothing to do so for Bellaria, whose stay in Serie D is now running out. Of course it was difficult to earn points against the league leaders, who today played on autopilot, reciting an irreversible monologue. Parma still unbeaten and inviolate goal: not bad for a team that has already won the championship, which has showed to still have an insatiable hunger for goals and results. Crociati that, before the Poule Scudetto, will close its championship away against Sammaurese: onMay 8, in San Mauro Pascoli, we will know if really Parma this year will have been unbeatable.

The formations
PARMA (4-2-3-1) - Zommers; Messina, Cacioli, Lucarelli, Ricci; Corapi, Miglietta; Mazzocchi, Lauria, Melandri; Baraye.
On the bench: Fall, Adorni, Benassi, Agrifogli, Mulas, Rodriguez, Simonetti, Sereni, Guazzo, Musetti.
Coach: Apolloni.
BELLARIA IGEA MARINA (3-5-2) - Calderoni; Saitta, Petrarca, Brandi; D'Angelo, Diop, Merito, Camporesi, Facondini; Suriano, Federico.
On the bench: Melilla, Avantaggiati, Zogu, Vicalvi, Ciurlanti, Raimondo, Cascione, Caporotundo, Indelicato.
Coach: Cioffi

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