Parma 1913 Michael BenassiParma today restarts training in Collecchio: after the break of two days, the crociati, coming from last Sunday's win against Ravenna, prepares for the next game at home against Bellaria. The big goal is already achieved, and now there are two more, to remain unbeaten and to win the Poule Scudetto: an unusual treble, that Parma is not going to pass up.

Michael Benassi talked about this today, answering the questions of the journalists between the two training sessions:
"On Sunday we will continue to work hard and to do our best: now it is just to have fun, enjoying ourselves and we want to make the last efforts of this season. The Poule Scudetto? It will be a lottery. I have often met with Gubbio in recent years, although many players have changed, instead I don't know Sambenedettese. There won't be favorites, it will be hard against all of them, now that we meet with all the first classified: surely the level will be high, and even the right mindset will be important. If I am a right-back or central defender? Both, depends on the coach's choices, I try to please him as much as I can. "
For Parma now it's almost time to draw some conlcusions, to confirm someone and to greet someone else, and also to prepare for next season in Lega Pro. Who will leave? Who will stay? It is still too early, however, and Benassi and his team mates know how to keep busy their head:
"It is normal that the club starts to make some basis for next year. The club will already know how to organize themselves, they are already testing the water to make things better, but in the locker room we have lots to think about. Let's arrive at the end having fun and playing our football like we did last Sunday, maintaining the record: on the field now have less pressure because we have already won, and so many things are better because we are more confident. Opposite players who have impressed me this year? Yes, someone, our rivals gave it all when they faced us. The forward line of Altovicentino and Forlì in particular is composed of some good players, I had already met them in Lega Pro ".
Lega Pro which will be completely different next year ... if this year the domain of Parma was likely at least, in the former Serie C the ducali will find many teams equipped to do well, and the leading role will be much into question, as Benassi knows well:
"The quality changes, there is more in every superior category. There is also less gap between the first and the last team, it's a very balanced championship. There are also some young people there, also good ones, maybe some first choice from the the junior teams of Serie A. The reserve teams in Lega Pro? I think it is not a good thing, if you can't be promoted or relegated you can't have a real goal, but to understand these things a person should live it from inside. "

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