Foto Parma 1913 BItaliaParma will have to wait for the return in Serie A, but will have a first taste of Serie B tomorrow, when they will face at the Tardini the National Under21 team of Serie B. A good initiative, in which we will see some of the best emerging talents of Italian football facing one of the most popular teams in Italy.

We wonder if the "old" Lucarelli, along with his team mates, will manage to win against this wild gang: for the moment there are the words of Lorenzo Minotti today, and Andrea Abodi (president of serie B), which together with the President Nevio Scala have presented this event. It's the president of Parma who opened the press conference, giving the floor immediately to Andrea Abodi, visibly excited about this initiative:
"For Serie B family it is an important day, full of meanings, but more importantly it will be tomorrow. I must tell you that today or tomorrow we will give an appointment to meet again, without asking the highest goals: I think the Parma is loaned to another category, but it is inevitably destined, even for the new model of management, to find his way and to return to his home, Serie A. "
The choice of Parma is not accidental for this friendly match: not only for the great football tradition, the ducal club has been able to stand up and be reborn after the fall, finding important values: "That of tomorrow will not only be a football game. The Representative team of the League will take the field here, which has done very well, promoting many young people who, after passing for the first time for B Italy now permanently wear the shirt of the National team, of the Under 21 and Under 20. With respect to all others this match has a meaning even stronger for the research that we are carrying out in finding simplicity and humanity. Coming to Parma in this season of rebirth we want to emphasize the spirit of our league ".
The president Abodi then touches a more unpleasant subject, on which many have repeatedly tried to clarify: what about Pietro Leonardi, formerly AD of Parma now general director of Latina?
"There are so many things that do not work in the right way and a lot that we can improve, we wake up every morning to do this. We never looked the other way, we want to face those problems that still exsists. I strongly believe in respecting the roles, the judges will do their job. I had heard the rumors that Latina could engage Leonardi, which for me is a sports friend. I say this publicly: I do not share the management model, but my judgment is secondary to the judgment of the facts. From the sports justice I wait the details of what has happened. I tried to explain to Latina that Leonardi it was not appropriate to fill that role. I also told Leonardi that he had to explain everything to the people to avoid problems, otherwise you risk big misunderstanding. Their decision was to involve him in their sports project, however, now have their responsibilities. There was the referral a week ago, and I hope that the proceedings against him will delete the doubts on what happened: this is the duty of sports and the criminal justice ".
Another topic touched was that of the fans and Ultras: Abodi's advice is, for everyone, is to take some responsibilities for a healthy and civilized cheering: "If the fans often do wrong things is because we are leaders to dis-educate. We can not expect education when we are the first to be dis-educated. The Ultras are not all the same, I personally know of human and sensitive Ultras, more than many executives. For more civilized fans, we have to build more civilized stadiums, to behave more civilly, on the pitch and out of it. It looks like that the state think of football as a social safety net. There are true fans, the ones with a capital T, but when one is a delinquent is not a fan, it's just a criminal, the problem is not football. A man or a woman is firstly a citizen and then a fan, and not the opposite. "
After a word about the rumors of a possible repechage of Parma in B: "The rule was abolished, do your path, I wish to arrive as soon as possible where you deserve", Abodi also speaks about Crespo. The now former coach of Modena would have said that he had never taken a salary ... is that true? It was his wife to say that? Better to avoid the issue, remembering Crespo for other things: "What was said can't be true, because we check every two months for the payment by the clubs, and in any case I will not go into their family issues.I want to remember Crespo for what he did on the field and also on bench in Parma, with the youth team. Maybe he earned less money than when he was a player, but it's not the same thing. "
Minotti closes the conference, who fondly remembers his past with the National Under 21 team of Serie B: "That was the first jersey that I put, I have 11 presences, more than any others. I also made a few goals, so I remember it with particular pleasure. It was the first time I walked in Coverciano, it is an unforgettable reminder.We want propose a good performance and do not take it lightly. We even asked to anticipate to Saturday the match against Imola, because we wanted a lo this match, but playing it on Tuesday would be difficult: we want to show our players and not to play with kids or juniors. All our major players will play, except maybe the injured ones".
So much for a friendly match, the show is guaranteed: the event is scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm, at the Stadio Tardini.

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